The NSF-funded ResearchSOC helps make scientific computing resilient to cyberattacks and capable of supporting trustworthy, productive research through operational cybersecurity services, training, and information sharing necessary to a community as unique and variable as research and education (R&E).

ResearchSOC is a service offering from Indiana University's OmniSOC.

Cybersecurity for the nation's greatest research

We fit in where others do not

The Research Security Operations Center (ResearchSOC) is an NSF-funded collaborative security response center that addresses the unique cybersecurity concerns of the research community. The research community is large, highly collaborative, uses diverse infrastructure (like telescopes, control networks, sensors, and high performance computing, to name a few), and enjoys a fair degree of autonomy. These factors challenge standard cybersecurity frameworks and require expertise in scientific research and cybersecurity to develop effective cybersecurity programs.

We leverage the Trusted CI Framework

ResearchSOC utilizes the Trusted CI Framework to align with the needs of science.

trusted ci pillars

Why ResearchSOC?

We help ensure data integrity, data and instrument accessibility, researcher access, confidentiality, and control
- We keep project PIs and IT leads in control.

We empower projects to quickly detect and respond to incidents
- We turn potential crises into routine fixes.

We provide operational resources, expertise, and technology so IT staff can focus
- We relieve the burden and reduce the noise.

We provide a research-specific suite of proven technologies and services
- We fit where others do not.

We help projects meet regulatory & compliance requirements
- We address nearly 20% of CUI requirements in one program.

Leveraging resources from all over the country

ResearchSOC brings together existing cybersecurity services from Indiana University, Duke University, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, and the University of California San Diego. These services have existing infrastructure and customer bases, which ResearchSOC can leverage to more effectively and sustainably guard against cybersecurity threats. As an NSF-funded project, we tailor our services to the needs of the R&E community, and we have established a community of practice for sharing expertise and operational intelligence.


With two decades of experience from the GlobalNOC behind it, OmniSOC is a security operations center that provides trusted and actionable intelligence to higher education institutions. GlobalNOC is based at Indiana University.

Vulnerability Identification Service at the Three Rivers Optical Exchange (3ROX)

This service leverages the widely deployed open-source ‘OpenVAS’ framework to identify assets in need of protection. 3ROX is operated and managed by the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

Sharing Threat Intelligence for Network Gatekeeping with Automated Response (STINGAR)

Developed at Duke University, the STINGAR framework applies new, agile approaches to protect and defend networks with automated technology protections.

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Research

The University of California San Diego will provide training and best practices for information security professionals on addressing the technical and cultural challenges in securing research in higher education.

Community of Practice

Join our Community of Practice! By bringing together CISOs, facilitators, cybersecurity researchers, research software engineers, cybersecurity analysts, security engineers, system administrators, and others we aim to create a community that demystifies the practice of cybersecurity for open science.

Virtual Security Teams

Virtual Security Team can provide a cost-effective, rapid-implementation method to address key cybersecurity needs. These teams augment, but do not replace, existing research organization employees.

Partner with us!

The ResearchSOC offers outreach and training to educate research project teams and the higher education community about information security. We’re always working with the larger cybersecurity research community, of which we are a part, to improve information security.

If your research facility or project faces cybersecurity challenges, we might be a good fit. We're onboarding major facilities now and have openings for a limited number of collaborative partners. Contact us to learn more.

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